Cloud claw network marketing analysis and management system on the heavy line

The rapid development of

e-commerce brings infinite business opportunities, but also brings a huge test. The new business model test of traditional enterprise’s ability to adapt, and fleeting market opportunities are not a slight enterprise. Shopping malls such as the battlefield, seize the market opportunities for every enterprise in the future market competitiveness plays a decisive role. Seize the opportunity to make enterprise invincible in the future, but if the wrong foot can allow enterprises to break opportunities again without turning. In such a severe situation, the traditional enterprise in the process of the transformation of the electricity supplier as often by high operation cost, high risk industry, the lack of experience and promotion of marketing system is not perfect and other issues become overwhelmed, resulting in market prospects looked good lamenting the flesh is weak.


In order to help enterprises to seize the

transient market opportunity, at the Shanghai science and Technology Automation Co. Ltd launched the blockbuster excellence Internet business oriented one-stop marketing management analysis platform, through the integration of the current status of Internet marketing analysis and promotion process management, promotion implementation and promotion effect monitoring of several key sections, business oriented provide one-stop promotion link management and monitoring, analysis the promotion of information publishing service (Marketing News, quiz promotion, Forum promotion, marketing, marketing, WeChat micro-blog) promotion materials and process control and team management of the four characteristics of services, help enterprises to achieve a new mode of network marketing automation.

it is understood that the Shanghai science and Technology Co. Ltd. automation at the latest on-line cloud claw network marketing effectiveness analysis management system is based on a product and service cloud technology. CC1.0 analysis of the current network of cloud marketing market oriented, through cloud capture, cloud storage, cloud analysis, cloud statistics to create an automated marketing effect regulatory system. At present, the technology has been certified by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has won the international leading level of performance appraisal.

based on cloud claw network marketing effect reasonable utilization analysis and management system, enterprises can effectively reduce the promotion team monitoring data collection and analysis time, timely and accurate work and new insight into the market, to win more valuable time to adjust the focus of promotion and promotion expenses, and make a correct judgment of the market to enhance the overall marketing effect.

as a result of the claw claw network marketing analysis management system has low cost, low risk, high professional characteristics, deeply in the transformation of the traditional stage of the transformation of the electricity supplier companies welcome. With the help of a professional cloud claw network marketing effect analysis and management system, enterprises can not only solve the different forms of market marketing idea is different, different, different media marketing marketing problems of enterprise development, can also have more time to focus on new product channel management and brand operation etc..


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