Five key ways to improve the flow of personal website

1, website content is not much, but in essence! Often a keyword can bring huge traffic to your site.

2, collected to the content, not much traffic.

test experience: once released a manual "landscape template" articles and collecting the same title also the contents of the article, under the same column. 15 days later, the article has found the manual, 800PV, and the 10PV acquisition, big difference, it is a world of difference. So, this advise you webmaster, as little as possible acquisition, because it can not bring much traffic.

3, pay attention to SEO, do some effective SEO for small sites is very necessary.

since my new site, since the opening, I have been to understand some of the articles on the SEO, while consulting a lot of SEO experts, from which to learn a lot. Or tell my story: the first site is in the last year, at that time, just for fun, just use a website program, to begin again, the results of GOOGLE for two months, I also included the article, I always feel very strange. This saw a lot of article on the SEO, see a problem, so the design of the site, I have been considering the SEO results, 3 days after GOOGLE collected my 45 page, let me tread on air! I would like to point out that the addition of Baidu alliance, and join the GOOGLE advertising, can increase the ranking of keywords, as well as the amount of web pages! However, when we do SEO, must not overdo it, can not do too much, huh, huh, oh,

4, how to analyze people’s website, to communicate with each other, make friends, will bring you unexpected harvest (for example my site space is my online friends sponsorship, and if you know the station owners, with them to exchange a friendship connection, the PR value of GG but very useful). At the same time, in the exchange and learn more.

5, the future of personal web site is relatively slim, although I quite like playing personal website. We spend a lot of time, a lot of energy, what is obtained? Accidentally Baidu K, the site is basically useless. Therefore, the development of personal sites, we need to work together to get out of a good way out!

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