Ten years of the red child vertical electricity supplier tuyere O2O

text / Huang Jianming

from 2004 to the present, the red child as a vertical electricity supplier has been working for ten years. According to the red child member data show that in 10 years there have been nearly 30 million users to enjoy mother information, buy baby products in the red child platform, this huge data means that since 2004, every 6 babies born in China, there are 1 obtained or used red child services, and this one buy milk and diapers in a single category sales list, which also makes the red child become the "king of the maternal electricity supplier fully deserve".

China’s Internet this year is just twenty years of age, said the development of red children throughout the Internet half of the time. The next ten years, the red child chose O2O as their next "outlet", this time, the red child but also with a good wind, once again take off


vertical ultimate way – Zhaoan or listed


from Taobao, the name of a lot of China Taobao second banner platform electricity supplier, wounded or dead, the loss is very heavy. No one really can survive, and only the famous Taobao, Jingdong, suning.com, fast and easy few, entities everywhere. This also gave birth to the emergence of a vertical electricity supplier, vertical electricity supplier means that the difference in the field of differentiation within the competition, relative to the platform of electricity providers and large, vertical electricity supplier more performance for small and fine. Deep plowing again deep in their most familiar fields in a category against Taobao and other platforms electricity supplier and the single category of limited competition situation.

as the vertical, I believe that in addition to the elegant die, dies, humble dead, the only way is to be acquired or Zhaoan spell listing earnings. This is the only way out, in a variety of categories of space so that the platform Unlimited Press, which is also a good way.

about the vertical, listed Mcglaughlin, Lanting Pavilion set potential, vip.com, dangdang.com (that is more like a platform, such as vertical shuppim). And the upcoming jumei.com, coming to this year’s biggest fund-raising amount listed. Vertical electricity supplier market, but also can see that there There are both advantages and disadvantages., from the subsequent development of several listed companies, one of the most typical colors than Mcglaughlin and vip.com.

Mcglaughlin, founded in 1996, in the early years of the mail order business started, with online shopping gradually tide, Mcglaughlin launched the network in 1999. In 2010 it chose to list.

just listed, Mcglaughlin Internet business income accounted for only 50% of total revenues, income from the line stores and mail order. Just listed, Mcglaughlin disclosed the first earnings report indicates that the plummeting of the prelude. In the earnings report on the second day, Mcglaughlin shares fell 39% to close at $8.15. Since then Mcglaughlin serious losses all the way, when it was listed in 2010 net profit of $4 million 400 thousand. And since 2011, in 2012, its net loss

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