China com how much is it nventory of the world’s most expensive domain name ranking

state wide holdings officially announced last weekend after the acquisition of China net portal business planning, so that China’s old portal once again into the sight of people. October 2013, the state wide holdings of HK $90 million 800 thousand (about 71 million 850 thousand yuan) acquisition of China Internet portal business. Including China, the business, domain name and related equity.

this is not discussed subsequent business development and direction, but I think the domain name value are worth discussing, this paper will then list some domain name prices, from the side of the evidence, in the end the transaction, the value of in theory should belong to the domain name top-level domain name, but.Com in the domain name management, but said the business. Although the relevant departments clearlystipulates registered with "CHINA", "CHINESE", "CN" and "NATIONAL" needs to be formally approved by the state departments, but from the current situation, China domain management mechanism CNNIC can only have relatively strict management authority in Chinese national domain name.Cn. Similar and so are ICANN management category.

OK, domain name management is a very complex thing, we are now only from the value of the considerations.

can now be found in the national name of the top-level domain name transaction, the highest price is, in January 2000 to $5 million price was bought. According to the current exchange rate (if the exchange rate in 2000, equivalent to about 50 million yuan, of course, if taking into account the factors of domestic inflation, the value may be higher. But too many factors involved, so this will be the current exchange rate and inflation excluding calculation, interested friends can separate written YY), the transaction value of about 30 million yuan. Of course, there is a factor that is the first time in January 2000 the Internet bubble peak, the value of the domain name may have a multiplier effect. is chief executive of heeg in 2006. Solares to $1 million 500 thousand in the bag.

in addition, domain has traded price of $56 thousand, while and in the previous period were also shot 114 thousand and 128 thousand yuan. However, taking into account the.Cn’s national domain name is just open, so the value should be a lot of room for improvement. While.Org generally represent the non-profit organization, the price is certainly far and.Com.

and in other domain names, after more than the author, the highest price of the domain name should be (short-term rental), in 2007, HomeAway founder Brian · SHARP >

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