Pass rice unification network failed to leave 1 good domain name fantong com

renamed China ( April 23rd hearing, the once renowned catering O2O website "Fantong", is now caught in the collapse of suspicions, visit the official website domain name, the page is temporarily unavailable.

Fantong is known as the first free restaurant reservation service, free catering service discount online catering and service enterprises, in 2008, Fantong acquired wholly-owned Guangzhou world restaurant website, the same year was $4 million in venture capital. The day before Gong Wenxiang received electricity supplier who broke the news, said the food systems network provider to collect arrears, the empty.

at present, Fantong has been unable to open, the snapshot can search for early April, through the Alexa query, the domain name before April 7th, there is no data flow. In addition, Fantong telephone customer service number 4006-177-177 (to eat / to eat) also no answer, is a veteran online ordering site Fantong it closed?

read: rice Unification collapse or fall: office last August has rent rice Unification collapse staff was "advised back" by default 11 a month passed rice Unification collapse left 1 good domain name once renowned dining reservation site Fantong to where? Closed down? Where is the rice Unification?

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