2010 fifth session of the General Assembly live video broadcast

2010 fifth Chinese Internet Conference opened in Beijing on May 29th, the station will be the cross can change the practice of green growth "as the core theme, mainly discusses under the background of new era, the majority of small and medium-sized webmasters, Internet entrepreneurs how to correctly face the survival and development of the topic.

conference is in progress, if you do not arrive at the scene, and the webmaster network to watch the live broadcast of the general assembly, the live address:


attached: agenda

time: May 29, 2010

location: the Great Wall Hotel, Beijing, two

detailed agenda:


7:40-9:00 sign in and off time, demo play

9:00-9:10 moderator opening

9:10-9:20 host address

9:20-9:50 special presentation and speech

9:50-10:10 in 2010 China’s Internet survival and development of the white paper released

10:10-11:00 can change a series of speech: how to face the competition and entrepreneurial environment unfavorable

11:15-12:00 can change series two keynote speech: cross-border thinking practice entrepreneurship and innovation

12:00-13:00 lunch, rest


13:00-13:30 sign in and off time, demo play

13:30-13:35 host briefing and guests

13:35-13:50 government officials or guests keynote speech

13:50-14:20 keynote address: adapt to the environment of the Internet can not be separated from the green growth and integration of

14:20-15:30 round table: the first anniversary of China’s Internet platform for cross-border growth summary and outlook

15:30-16:30 round table: integration of the growth of triple play in the context of the new media of radio and television industry travel

16:30-17:30 round table: the experience and lessons of green growth of China’s mainstream Internet profit model


17:30-17:40 awards ceremony,


17:40-18:20 Comsenz- nine anniversary of the laggards

18:20-18:30 closing remarks

also welcome more friends to join the fifth annual meeting of the webmaster to see live, said big

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