Non Olympic strategy for small and medium sized websites

2008 quickly over a month, should say they dare not say, to the point of the topic. From the end of 07 has been brewing a small website "non Olympic strategy" concept, but now it is not doing so just stay in the station, an abstract concept, is still an immature idea.

was still thinking about the Internet, especially a galaxy of talents, courage, dare to speak a lot of people, but until today, I have not seen any small website, dare to dare to sword released their "non Olympic strategy", so I decided to Paizhuan jade, bright view.

so-called small and medium sites, is relatively natural, large sites refer to Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, Baidu, Sina, etc..

look at the big site’s Olympic Strategy:

1, the Olympic sponsors Sohu: Sohu announced the 2008 Olympic Games coverage plan. According to the plan, the Olympic game Sohu will give the power of the whole company, Sohu will be the Olympic channel into a comprehensive coverage of the Olympic games portal, not only pay close attention to the Olympic Games sports event itself, pay more attention to the reform and opening up 30 years, the Olympic Games and the Olympic Games and China Chinese aspects of life, spread the Olympic spirit from the science and technology, green, humanism, the Olympic marketing service, the entire set of Sohu matrix strength reported the Olympic Games, Olympic Games service.

2, Sina: Beijing Olympic Games will get at least 15 interviews, including the issue to the international news agency and print media reporters, can pass any venue. In the media alliance, Sina and more than 40 network media, the 16 provincial authority of print media, 9 television stations reported respectively a league games, Sina also with the leading authority of sports media – "football" and "Sports Weekly" and three international news agency, Agence France-Presse, The Associated Press and Reuters established close the strategic partnership, created the Olympic history reports that milepost sense has on the media alliance platform.

3, NetEase: NetEase’s 2008 Olympic strategy consists of three major components. With a total of more than and 100 domestic and international media set up cross media coverage of the Olympic Games, to form a matrix of 100 colleges and universities nationwide in coverage of the Olympic Games on the 9 side view, product line and content channel’s integration in order to adapt to the needs of Olympic Games, is also planning a series of interactive activities with the users, and put forward invited 2008 volunteers to participate in the network coverage.

4, Baidu: announced to the public the Olympic strategy, will build the largest Chinese sports interactive community, its Olympic interactive platform simultaneously on-line. At present, the Baidu post bar, there are nearly a thousand sports as the theme of the post bar, all kinds of Posts up to millions of dollars, Baidu know inside, there are about 400000 issues related to sports.

5, Tencent: Tencent’s report of the Olympic Games in 2008 will emphasize the participation of all the people in the Olympic Games, with the community strategy to build the Olympic Games for Chinese netizens

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