The query began to record information through telephone voice

has just received a strange phone call, the system of automatic speech, phone number: 01064079666, Beijing normal fixed number.

listened to a couple of words, thought to be directly linked to the liar, the result was later found in the Ministry of industry and information technology does have this thing, the following to introduce you:

is about to say that the preparation of XXX information verification by the Ministry of industry, XXXX and other words, take you two minutes, according to the verification of 1.

reported after the phone call to your main body, responsible person, address, telephone number, service provider

and so on to check.. On the right one, not the right zero.

if your information is correct if you do, if not correct or if the line is busy, the record may be cancelled; but if it is correct, you stand and the existence of the state does not allow the content, may still escape by crab.

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