Site easy to sell 200 thousand exposing what power marketing scam

a website easy to sell 200 thousand – exposing what power marketing scam

we do a website for individuals or companies, on the 20 thousand, relatively small, but you do not believe that this world, there are people who can sell a website up to 5 million. Of course, what we say here is 200 thousand, what is

what power marketing in the most common, and nothing strange!

don’t don’t believe it, because this is a fact! 5 million I finally tell you how to do it, first say is 200 thousand!

200 thousand how to do? Simple! Detailed process, to share with you!

first, what power is not this statement clerk, clerk are business representatives, suit and tie, a man of striking appearance looks a grade! Who can talk to others! Ha ha

case begins:

, for example, do your motor products business CEOs — Wang

What power

salesman call you:……………. Wang, now the country launched the "motor supplier", you registered the word, you can monopoly in this industry!…………

attracts Wang’s attention. How big is the monopoly market, so the king who has interest always asks: how much is it?

business representatives: the cheapest, only more than and 100! (cheap enough, a monopoly industry was more than and 100, about


Wang total: only more than and 100?

business representative: Yes, Wang always have time in the morning or in the afternoon, I come to talk with you (this time will find a way to meet you, because the meeting means success 80%)

through a variety of ways business representatives finally met you.

then at his recommendation, you registered a domain name provider.Com " motor ", careful boss will ask, how are.Com? Business representatives will tell you that this is normal, all Internet resources have also on it, after all, only 100 yuan. When it comes to more than and 100.

well, the first step of the business representative is finally over;

now proceed to the second step:

after a period of time, Wang’s phone suddenly rang:


Hello, I am Zhang Shanghai * * * * motor factory, we have now invested 2 million in China motor industry website, because of mistakes, "motor supplier" was registered to you, I checked on the Internet, you are a small company to >

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