Uber new financing 1 billion 200 million valuation more than doubled compared with the beginning

[Abstract] when it raised $1 billion 200 million earlier this year, it was valued at just $18 billion 200 million.

Tencent technology news on December 5th, the United States taxi service Uber announced on Thursday that the company has raised $1 billion 200 million in venture capital, and seek additional funding from strategic investors up to $600 million.

Uber confirmed that this round of financing in the company’s valuation reached $40 billion, together with the newly raised $1 billion 200 million of funds, its valuation has reached $41 billion 200 million. In contrast, last year, Uber financing activities in the valuation of only $3 billion 500 million, while raising $1 billion 200 million earlier this year, its valuation is only $18 billion 200 million.

is calculated according to the new valuation, Uber has been comparable with Time Warner Cable and many other companies known to every family for example, Delta Airlines, Schwab, Salesforce and Kraft Foods etc.. In terms of non-listed company, only Facebook in the IPO (initial public offering) before the listing has been higher than the valuation of Uber, other companies are far from. At present, there are four companies with more than $10 billion valuation, respectively, the rental site Airbnb, software company Dropbox, mobile communications services Snapchat and millet, but are not comparable to Uber.

Uber CEO Travis · (Travis Kalanick), said the new funds will be used to expand overseas business. At present, Uber service has landed in 50 countries around the world in more than and 250 cities, but still faces challenges from local regulators and global taxi drivers.

meanwhile, Uber is trying to rebuild the company’s image. Last month, the company executives Amir · Mccors (Emil Michaels) was proposed in a private banquet, Uber should be a "opponent of criticism of the company’s news reporter, this event caused the Uber staff to obtain customers’ personal data worries. To this end, the United States Congress from the United States Democratic Senator Eyre · (Franken), (Al) has asked Uber to explain its existing data privacy policy in Minnesota.

cranic blog Thursday said: "in recent weeks in the event that we need to invest in internal growth and change, while the first should do is to admit mistakes and learn from them. We are inside the company in collaboration, and are encountered similar challenges from companies seeking advice there, in order to make improvements where necessary. Fortunately, swift action is the Uber director, we will change in the next few months." (Rui Xue)

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