From innovation to imitation of the transformation the development of Kang Sheng Road in where

always wear since the introduction of the Internet DISCUZ, creating a miracle has become a model of entrepreneurship after 80.

Kang Sheng has been famous for its innovation, its DISCUZ product development to the current 6, the function gradually improved, the national market accounted for half of the country, the internal staff of technical excellence, strong sense of service, the majority of owners are very love like SUP, like MM TEAM.

members of Eggplant

subsequently developed SUPE/X-PACE model, is a complete transformation to the forum portal, eye view of networks now, many websites are using the SUPE system,, Kang Sheng told people that the strength of our technology can do portal, style is the myriads of changes its great advantage, great innovation in X-PACE mode on the basis of the traditional blog, deep user love, X-PACE has become a.

in the blog system

two brilliant laid the foundation of the glorious glory.

but the turning is perhaps 2007, Kang Sheng launched a new generation of video podcast system SV, originally as they provide tools, no ground for blame, but in SV we never see any innovation shadow, may be the only fresh and 56 together with their servers, to small and medium-sized long benefits, but this also attracted condemning, owners worry about the day the agreement is not how to do, in short, the introduction of SV did not welcome the expected, Kang Sheng SV development is the focus of the video industry’s prosperity. Advanced tools + concept innovation can win, but this SV tool advanced? We only see what is not YOUKU.6.56.TUDOU. upload file size limit, the function is not perfect, and so on.

With the launch of

and UC, the user center, also failed to win applause, indeed, will its various products together is a good concept, but we see that backstage function is not perfect, it can do what? Dohko released function will optimize the post, but the post described the function is not perfect, coupled with the UC installation in the catalog, the official did not disclose the method of independent installation, is a mess, Kang Sheng intention is good.

The biggest shock in March 15th to

SNS system, the majority of owners of small private UM, we are completely shocked by.

there are two reasons, first, UM will be able to solve a lot of problems for the webmaster, we support at this point,


problem is second points, the official announced that UM is an upgraded version of X-PACE4.0, which is the legendary X-PACE5.0 version, we are impressed by.

you know, although not as good as X-PACE SNS in many aspects, such as the speed of information dissemination, user integration and so on, but the idea is not to shake the blog, the blog system represents the grassroots culture and mature trend, now replaced by UM, the original blog circle, audio-visual, simple style, domain name, music box.

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