Tick group did not record the on line friends said the move was on fire


tick site is only a link to the site’s record


TechWeb in the Ministry of information management system of domain name query

in July 18, 2010, it was announced today, the former Google China District Sales Manager, former president Song Zhongjie love to help network and several other former executives founded the group purchase website net love tick group (www.didatuan.com) there is no record on the line.

TechWeb visit tick site, found that the site does not have the record number, there is only one link to the record site. Then TechWeb in the Ministry of information management system for the domain name query, enter "didatuan.com" shows that you have not found the information in the record library". As of press time, Song Zhongjie phone has been in a state of no answer.

some netizens think, as former president and former Google executives love, does not need to record the line on the website of common sense, but in order to grab business opportunities and take the majority of ordinary users with a little tunnel.

Three executives of

turnover by the tick group Song Zhongjie, Zhu Min love to help network, Li Jinlong, founded in July 14th, and jointly launched the group purchase website tick group.

Mr. Song Zhongjie served as general manager, HP vice president and general manager of Department of business software Chinese, China HP marketing and service department chief operating officer positions Puyuan technology. In 2006, Mr. Song Zhongjie joined Google China, Google is the only local China director level business executives, he created the Google channel, success, was known as the "father of Google channel". Mr. Song Zhongjie has led the Greater China Channel Sales Department, China’s largest customer sales and import and export business, is the main driver of China’s Google sales business. In April 2010, Mr. Song Zhongjie joined president networks for love, love to help network. In July 2010, Mr. Song Zhongjie founded tick group, become the country’s expanding fastest cutting-edge group purchase website.

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