Social factors behind the video industry entered the era of interactive barrage site

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you are not a person in the see – this is the presence of the barrage site. It has formed the new "Baotuan" viewing mode, but also realize the social distance.

barrage refers to netizens watching the video, you can enter your comments in the video below in the comment box after the submission of their comments can be directly displayed in the video, the equivalent of watching a video while watching online comments. From behind the fiery barrage site, the whole society is "the rise of Tucao culture".

barrage site popular, reflects the trend of video social networking. Barrage is the essence of an interactive form, strengthen the content through the interaction of fun, improve the participation of users, and in the video site content homogenization competition Deus ex.

4G technology in the commercial environment, the video is recognized as the next flashpoint. The barrage in the video website, and on the basis of increased social factors. Perhaps, the next star class social applications on the video in the form of germination.

January 30, 2014, when people focus their attention on the annual CCTV Spring Festival Gala, a group of people on the Internet have chosen another way to greet the spring festival.

"I’m not alone, because this is Acfun"


"message", "punch", "blessed", "2333"…… Are friends to express the strange way of love.

from the beginning of 2010, Acfun will be held in the domestic ACG (Animation, Comic, Game English acronym, animation, comics and games in general) influential network Spring Festival, in the form of programs include animation, music, such as three yuan.

now, Acfun Spring Festival has spent four years. This is four years, the domestic barrage site from scratch, made the process of development.

barrage site, is a branch of the video sharing website, the website is different and share common video, viewers can post their comments in the process of watching video, and instant viewing in all the time points of this video to slide over the caption displayed, thereby increasing the the interaction between the viewer.

barrage site this pattern is very young, even if it is the birthplace of Japanese Niconico animation website — is under the age of 8. At present, the domestic ACG industry A station All the world knows. "B station", namely AcFun and BiliBili, but also on behalf of this barrage video site. Two dimensional world has been conceived a barrage of culture soil, but in recent years, the barrage began to the three dimension, a documentary on the tip of the tongue "China" and the TV series "Longmen" are > escort

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