Sources said the independence of micro blog rice network will resume normal access


(pictured with the United States and the United States Mission Network founder Wang Xing)

according to sources, Wang Xing founded no rice network is expected to resume access, and has been China’s economic net investment, but did not control. TechWeb call Wang Xing himself, he did not deny that there will be a statement later.

July 2009, Wang Xing Fanfou was shut down for some reason, until January 2010, rice has yet to restore access, the closing time for half a year.

the insider further revealed that after the transfer of rice may be China Economic Net holdings is not true, in fact, is not the only investment holdings".

Wang Xing of TechWeb said that the ownership of Fanfou website are still all to himself, but to restore access to a thing, "said Wang did not answer the question of whether or not the meal for a long time," said later any further news will be announced.

March 4, 2010, Wang Xing’s mission online. Analysts believe that the U.S. mission network launched to accelerate the Groupon mode in the China the blossom everywhere.

Wang, 1997 was sent to the Tsinghua University Department of electronic engineering professional radio, 2003 to carry business plan. 6 years of continuous founded 4 websites have become fashionable for a time, or are some people say is from overseas " " website; copy. The famous website was founded the school, at home, no meal etc.. Now he has set off a wave of domestic buy site. (Li Qing)

news review:

micro blog site no pause service has been unknown for several days

NetEase science and technology news on July 13th morning news, NetEase science and technology from the domestic micro blog site no meal founder Wang Xing Department learned that the meal has not stopped temporarily from the service since July 8th. As for when to return to normal service, Wang Xing said it could not give an accurate time, we will as soon as possible."

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