China Joy can not see the chest look at the industry bigwigs dry cargo sharing

Abstract: this year, the game ushered in the new development opportunity, as long as fifteen years host game ban, mobile games continuously to 2 digit growth, there are indications that Chinese game industry is a good time to win the hitherto unknown.


yesterday, China International Digital Entertainment Expo 2015 (hereinafter referred to as the CJ China joy) at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, with "wisdom" made the entertainment as the theme of the Chinese International Digital Entertainment Summit (CEDC) held on.

CJ show girl with the previous wearing sexy there is a big difference in girl show this year is particularly tight, almost invisible chest. Lack of external sexy show girl, the number of visitors this year, China Joy has indeed decreased, but this does not affect the CJ’s fiery, especially for the game industry, this year’s CJ let the blood spray. The "Internet plus" the wind blew fiercely, the gaming industry is facing reshuffle.

in the summit forum, the industry heavyweights have shared the deep understanding of the industry, this paper, on the occasion of the speech industry heavyweights dry cargo


about game IP

grand CEO Zhang Yingfeng: all kinds of IP on the impact of hand travel

first, PC side tour IP hand travel market has the important significance of other types of IP. IP form of expression is very much, mainly in the PC end tour, movies, animation, novels. PC end tour IP has been based on the training of a large user base, based on the impact of years of precipitation brand, based on the user for the quality of sound, action and other increasingly high requirements, hand travel increasingly serious.

second, most of the value of the form of IP rival tour can be fantasy to reality, Chinese traditional and exotic latitude of two latitude, the specific type of hand travel can be selected according to this model matching IP. Fantasy and realistic themes, China traditional style and exotic, any IP in can have their own position in the two-dimensional map, any one Mobile Games market segments showed preference for IP in the two soils, so how will a specific input to the Mobile Games classification map, IP the results came out immediately.

third, the pan two dimensional subdivision of the hand travel market, the hand travel market, the user and we have a significant difference in the dimension of the two stereotypes. Research findings show that men under the age of 22, although only 13% of hand travel users, but contributed about 20% of the share of running water. Moreover, the pan two dimensional users also have a clear pan entertainment orientation, they are eager to their own interests are widely recognized by the market, so the type of entertainment outside the animation also has an average of more than the average level of preference. As for their IP taste tendency, focus on the direction of fantasy exotic.


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