Meal net to let you lose his creative single takeaway


people are in various business circles, you spend a long time now decide where to eat, what to eat at noon? Is a restaurant downstairs to eat or phone takeout or online meal ordering about food? In Chinese is definitely a big business, takeaway ordering field is fast, a round to appear a new website. This is today is now the rapid development of the "food network", after April when he introduced a simple meal and takeaway library, then this week at a dinner and founder of the network after the exchange, on the site has a new understanding. Oh, yes, the good news is that they just got a round of investment.

site name: meal network (

on-line time: 2011


, Beijing, China

meal services provided by the network is easy to understand: takeaway ordering, enterprise services, is committed to help users solve the problem of eating. Compared with April, meal net in the rapid development of restaurant and delicacy database, has collected 6356 of the 647065 Beijing restaurant takeaway website "restaurant delicacy; map use is more smooth and convenient, the main shopping district such as Beijing, Zhongguancun, Sanyuanqiao, SOHO, China World Trade Center, Shuangjing, Wudaokou and other places of the" red logo more and more users through the "restaurant" can be more intuitive to find their own needs or love of the restaurant, and then add their own custom page on the home page, and finally generated a "book home meal", after each time you open the meal network would be the website page, automatic recording function.

specific to the process of ordering, meal network has carried out some optimization, allowing users to more easily and conveniently, the left is some takeout restaurant you used in the right hand is your ordering page, and each room is a restaurant at the docking, the completion of the business, the whole country and the pattern is similar to that of, meal net charge a certain proportion of place in their own platform on each order commission.

enterprise services, meal network has to optimize the ordering system, if we can do better and win some corporate customers in this regard, the meal network may be able to develop more quickly.

meal network is committed to the development of "small serviceradius" takeaway ordering service, let each radius circle of users often go to businesses to establish a stable relationship between trust and consumption. After obtaining financing the next meal, including services will be extended to more city development, mobile client allows the user ordering means more diverse, perfect the ordering process and user experience, in their view, the current focus is on the product itself, let users love, and have customers, after all, their ultimate goal it is great to "throw away the hands of the restaurant meal, will try to do it well enough".


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