Look at the passion and lost industry Blog

      has been more concerned about the industry Blog. I found that the industry is full of hope, but the process is full of thorns and BSP.

      why industry BSP has potential than portal BSP? Because it is no longer in 2003, Blogger users have long been carved up a few large BSP exhausted, although new users continue to grow, but the brand has been formed. Unless you are Microsoft or Google, it is very difficult to compete with a strong brand users. In contrast, the industry has just Blog rise, great potential.

      subdivision of the BSP for the industry, it is easier to integrate professionals to provide personalized services, but also more conducive to communication and create value. Biological Valley webmaster Bioon in "on the development of the industry blog ideas and other" there is a word I agree with:

      "in China, the portal must not be similar to the foreign portal, but the development of the industry network must be consistent with the foreign industry website. If you want to become a portal, you can not abandon those 80% Internet users! If you want to become a professional website, you will have to face the special Internet users in your industry. The interests of this particular group of Internet users are your real interests. So you have to dig hollow ideas about how to provide unique, valuable, meaningful, and deep information for them. This is the service, which is the ultimate value of the industry site. The same is true for industry blogs!"

      as he says, the professional level outside the 80% rookie users are mostly high, most write Blog is the purpose of the exchange of learning and workplace communication, so there is no need to attract attention by piling up vulgar content, they only need to user experience to do, will drive up the industry community atmosphere, and attract the elite to join. In this way, in some areas to a certain extent, the commercial value of the natural surface.

      wondering why N vertical portals do not BSP the size of the industry, currently is one of the few: pole, gold, education…… Even these are also known as Bioon, known as the industry’s blog, but it seems that the farther the line. When the industry into a portal BSP BSP, the site is to be able to attract more users in the short term. However, these users are likely to undermine the entire community of the industry atmosphere, so that the loss of their own core competitiveness, which is the most deadly. Like Kingsoft blog, if it can focus on online games or even anti-virus, and not as unknown as now. The Donews IT positioning is very successful, the impact is not weaker than some so-called portal BSP.


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