Uber reached a partnership with Daimler will launch a shared car for the automatic driving

UBER has a new attempt in the field of autopilot.

recently, UBER announced a cooperation agreement with Daimler, the two sides will cooperate to explore the application of automatic driving car in the sharing of travel. According to the agreement, Daimler will provide automatic driving function of the car, UBER is responsible for providing shared Travel software services.

this is the second time for UBER to choose a car manufacturer to cooperate in the research and development of automatic driving technology. Prior to this, UBER reached a cooperation agreement with Volvo, the two cooperative development of the autopilot. In spite of all the traditional car manufacturers, the UBER cooperation with Daimler, and Volvo cooperation has a world of difference.


this difference, mainly from the role of both sides.

this time, UBER is limited to the software and algorithms for shared travel services, while Daimler is responsible for the hardware part of the vehicle and driving equipment, etc.. The complementary color of this cooperation is more strong: each provide their expertise, while avoiding their weakness. UBER focus on the software, as well as their own experience in the accumulation of shared experience, and Daimler as one of the representatives of traditional car manufacturers, you can focus on the car itself. For UBER, it can get involved in the case of the car, get the opportunity to train their own software systems, Daimler can focus on the development of automatic driving car manufacturing. Therefore, this cooperation, whether from the provision of resources, or to share the results, are quite consistent with the characteristics of both sides and appetite.

In addition to

, this cooperation is another important significance. That is what it reveals about the future of the industry: UBER and car manufacturers, in the future of the field of automatic travel, each will play a role.

this cooperation is the first time the role of UBER service providers appear. In fact, it is to create an automatic driving car sharing open source platform, that is, open self-driving vehicle platform". According to the idea of UBER, in the future, a self driving car if you need to provide a shared travel service, you can access the platform software platform will provide travel sharing functionality required for these automatic vehicles (choice of vehicle and passenger route matching, etc.). This same Tesla constructed Tesla Network somewhat similar: to provide shared Travel software services for Tesla owners, let the car to provide travel services to other people, and provide some income for the owners. The difference is that, Tesla Network is limited to Tesla’s vehicle, while the UBER system will be open to all manufacturers of autopilot.

UBER founder and CEO Karan Nick said: self driving car market potential without.

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