Do you understand the user experience and positioning

November 3rd, Liu Ren network venture (Club) Tianjin summit and online data mining service technology forum held in Tianjin, founder Kobayashi arrived at the scene speech.

Kobayashi: personal portal founder. Lin Xinglu left school at 13, 1997 at the age of 17 to join the Haiwei Ying, Administrator, in 1999 to join the runxun group, do personalized website development, launched in 2000 2003 IT writing community, creating a smartphone, in June 2004, served as the 265 site navigation CTO. The main achievement: Baxter door personalized website China Mobile SMS application gateway, the transformation between 1999-2004, has independently developed software search engine, FTP search engine project and enterprise competitive intelligence system and other products.

Lin Xinglu: I didn’t what to come today, because I have been very busy recently, I briefly talk about, because I came from the programmer, how to understand the entrepreneurial experience from the technical point of view, or from the point of view of my point is how to do things.

what I do now is to do, a very short domain name, do personal portal. Because I can go to a lot of people are not the same, I was born in 80 years, but I have been out of work for more than ten years, because of the possibility of contact early, but Liu Ren cited many examples of similar, starting to win more opportunities at the right time, regardless of the software or IT field. Even in the field of Internet is so. There are a lot of things from the technical point of view it, I may consider more, or from the technical personnel and programmers in essence, we will pay more attention to the perfect, or the pursuit of perfection, with the words of "self before".

software is the earliest we do because there is no software to do it themselves, feel that they do this to do this software, then slowly, in fact, only found for their consideration may not be enough, when do the special of the general software. So we in the future through the Internet wave of reshuffle, when we found a hao123, we completely awake, is to do things not only is a born very clever person, you should do something, you should also consider the user, he can understand the things you do we then see that? Hao123, just as when there is a lot of traffic here, I see the source of the first impression "on hao123 this site is very common, as seen in the cafe," only this.

the same things later in the 265 company mister Cai Wensheng, when he saw that his reaction to me is different, he felt that there are opportunities, this is very simple, he will need to start this kind of thing, we do not believe that, until 265 people believe, including a lot of application value, we only from the time thoroughly reflect on what, why not previously considered to.

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