Vip com takeover of Le bee replaced a number of executives upgrade and the United States war

Chen Ou Le bee network sold to declared the end of the war, victory, just a new departure, but the war seems far from over, but the upgrade. cosmetics from to get involved in apparel, from clothing into the cosmetics, each main category erosion.

financial weekly trainee Reporter Lin Jie / Shenzhen reported

next month, Lasafo will usher in the 6 anniversary of the anniversary. It is understood that a series of activities in preparation, will be released. But compared with this time last year, Le bee network is still a lot of low-key.

last year 5 anniversary Carnival from the beginning of August 1st continued for a whole month until September 1st. At that time rival students also join the 3.5 anniversary with a confrontation. Electricity supplier beauty amidst the winds of change this Valentine’s day, in, three months later, separate listing, listed on the nyse.

After the acquisition of

Le bee network, Le bee network, a number of executives replaced by aspects, although still independent development, but has been fully taken over.

Lasafo distinctive pattern, but with the media thinking to do electricity supplier, operators are not its strengths, catch up from behind. took over several months, sort of change has occurred, while maintaining the characteristics, looking to, involved in the sale, acting and more low-key.

and, Le bee network is to expand its category to the forefront of beauty makeup. With to enter the clothing, articles, there will be more and more confrontation with

introduction operating advantage’s acquisition of, then send the original person in charge of Beijing Zhang Jing as CEO, former CEO Wang Licheng leave. It subsequently joined Tmall as a senior director, responsible for the home improvement business life, report to Tmall President Wang Yulei. said at the time that it will also be stationed in Le bee network CFO, although the candidate has not yet been announced, but the reporter learned to le bee network, the new CFO for Wang Zhihua, has been in office for a long time.

Le bee network team to maintain stability, but the financial, human and other aspects of the executives are slowly changing. hand holding 75% stake in bee bee network, one after another to send executives to disk, Le bee network, while still maintaining independent development, but it is bound to be affected by

see the most obvious change is that Lasafo follow’s footsteps, the start of the sale. clothing sale market is a proven successful business model.

after a period of trial and brewing, last month, Lasafo version of home on the line, a change of the original mall platform model, the formal transformation for sale plus mall model.

Le bee network site looks more and more similar to Promotional pictures of a promotional event other than color

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