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Pratt & Whitney finance how to benefit the country through insurance, the industry has become the focus of attention of the two sessions.

According to data released by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission on March 2nd, in its 154 CPPCC members have completed the motion in 2015, involving the number of proposals for agricultural insurance in the same period last year, an increase of 35% in the year of 2014.

data also show that in 2015 the number of Internet users in rural insurance coverage was 58 million, an increase of 42%. In this regard, the Ant King of Insurance Services Division of rural insurance business leader Wang Jing said that the rapid growth of Internet insurance in rural areas, mainly due to the development of mobile Internet and rural e-commerce.

traditional agricultural insurance net dilemma

in the innovation of agricultural insurance products, the Internet insurance shows its potential, but also faces various problems of traditional agricultural insurance. For example, high operating risks, farmers awareness is not strong, lack of supporting policy system.

Wang Jing analysis said, the rural market has always been lower than the city’s awareness of insurance, Farmers Insurance in the past, there are many because of government subsidies to promote. But on the Internet, like the return shipping insurance, account security insurance, the insurance will take the initiative of rural residents and urban residents, there is no significant difference, but with rural characteristics in the wind index insurance insurance, rural insurance proportion is even higher than the city."

Fuzhou, Fuqing, a vegetable grower Mr. Chen has more than 50 acres of vegetable greenhouses base, last summer, he was just engaged in vegetable cultivation soon, has not yet been able to cover the traditional vegetable planting insurance. Because of fears of gale disaster he bought a, wind index in Alipay’s Internet insurance products. The results did not take long, typhoon "cuckoo" struck, Mr. Chen more than half of the greenhouse were flooded, second days of insurance indemnity has been credited into account.

follow-up follow-up visit to the relevant insurance institutions, Mr. Chen worked in Hangzhou, Shanghai early years, a strong sense of risk. Coupled with the earlier exposure to the Internet, and therefore are willing to try the insurance products on the internet. The insurance agency believes that "and promotion of Internet payment, Internet banking, the return of youth are the main force to promote the Internet of our insurance."

according to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, the Internet insurance in the face of rural demand, and electricity supplier transaction protection combined with the insurance category and the index or will become a breakthrough. For example, the insurance industry has been put forward by the Ant King Insurance Division of rural insurance plans, will be accompanied by the Alibaba group’s village Amoy strategy, focusing on the development of rural electricity supplier related insurance products.

electricity providers and Internet insurance bundled crack

March 10th, Anxin insurance of agricultural implements quality assurance insurance on the line in the Taobao Tmall platform. The seller to the buyer insurance mode, insured farmers to buy in businesses including pesticides, fertilizers, veterinary medicine, feed and other agricultural implements, if have doubts on the quality, can apply for quality inspection. The inspection fee shall be borne by the insurance company, such as

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