Don’t take that big data

has recently come up with a word that’s more than the letter B – big data". Major electricity supplier platform on this big data posts overwhelming. Nothing more than the importance of data to the internet. Many experts are busy brick is really where they set the tone, there is spring


Internet era is the era of data rule the world, the importance of data, of course, self-evident. In fact, the data or the data, only with a "big" word, then instantly upgrade to the nouveau riche. As early as a few years ago, Tencent, Alibaba and other chiefs already have their own data mining team, Ali group has also set up the chief data officer positions (CDO), is responsible for promoting the data sharing platform strategy. How to explore, analyze and use the data, and share with the whole society, has been the core of the major business strategy. Nuggets from the data, has become the consensus of the major Internet Co. Just the word "big data" is more appropriate in 2014, Ali and Tencent led by the O2O war has kicked off a new round of reshuffle will be staged.

data evolved into big data, there must always be a reasonable definition – it generally refers to more than 1000T of the data, in accordance with the general machine configuration, equivalent to 400 to 500 computers. Talking about big data, we always love with "house of cards" (this is something the marketing means is better than millet) ideas were copying each other: these people are born American "house of cards" that is a product of the era of big data. What to say "house of cards" is directed by Netflix very early on a variety of data statistics, found love watching the 1990 BBC version of "house of cards" of the audience, is also the director David · Finch fan; at the same time, these people also love Oscar winner Kevin · Spacey. Then put these three elements together – please David · Finch; "house of cards" remake, starring Spacey as Kevin ·. So, "house of cards" such as private custom like "turned out". That miraculous. This process can be so familiar, think carefully, which products are born not considering the market demand, market segmentation results. This is just a market research process, but this research is for the data, for the network, it is more secretive, but also more rogue.

big wind of this data also blew to Taobao. A lot of big data on the emergence of micro-blog, the development of a good situation, the owners through big data analysis, ranking improved, sales soared…… Along their way of thinking, the next thing to take Ali power but I can point the day and await for it! You said you think impassability, a small Taobao store owner, even not to drill, customers ten fingers can count the things you can’t go to the starting point, team Baosight network like electricity providers cited drainage, promote sales, but in the dry start big data dream. Plainly, do not manage the data or data, or to information, but that the big coffee are playing the.

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