Last year rural mobile phone consumption 200 billion yuan Taobao

The more remote the

area, the higher the proportion of mobile phone shopping accounted for

county has become a new growth point of the electricity supplier. Recently, the Alibaba Research Institute released data, said Alibaba retail platform, in 2014 the county online shopping spending grew by 18 percentage points faster than the city. County mobile shopping amount exceeded 200 billion yuan, an increase of more than 250%, far more than the same period the amount of online shopping growth. On average, equivalent to spend 550 million yuan a day spent. Among them, Tibet has become the largest proportion of mobile shopping area.

county and rural electricity providers are becoming the object of competition, and now a very interesting phenomenon is the more remote the faster the growth of online shopping, the higher the proportion of mobile Internet shopping. For example, on an island in Suqian, 1980 residents of the home appliances online shopping five days more than 500 thousand yuan, not only in rural Taobao years to promote trading volume ranked first in the country, Taobao was also named the national the nouveau riche village.

China Internet Network Information Center data show that as of June 2015, the size of China’s mobile phone users reached 594 million, Internet users in the use of mobile Internet users accounted for an increase of up to 88.9%. Rural residents per capita disposable income of 10489 yuan, an increase of 9.2% over the previous year. In addition, the County retail industry is relatively backward, unable to meet the increasingly diverse consumer demand. In the local, consumers face "buy", "buy expensive", "goods are not" and so on, so as to turn the network channel, enjoy the product variety, high cost performance, save time and other convenience.

"Middle West County mobile shopping amount of fast growth, and a low base on the part of the county, on the other hand, is more noteworthy is that in many western counties, the popularity of smart mobile phone rates than the computer, intelligent mobile phone has become the first choice of consumers on the internet." Ali Institute senior expert Sheng Zhenzhong analysis said. (Beijing News reporter Sun Yu)

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