4 recommendations to optimize Squeeze Page

Squeeze Page refers to a collection of mail information page, the page is usually a mailbox with small space page input box, according to the website of different users fill in their mailbox can download or subscribe to the relevant information website. But Squeeze Page main task is to collect the user to fill in the mailbox, which is one of the most popular e-mail marketing target customers to receive e-mail.

on Squeeze Page (hereinafter referred to as "SP") design, the first office in which there are 4 effective suggestions can help you more smoothly to collect the customer’s mailbox.

1 to allow visitors to choose a


when you will flow into their own SP, in the link settings can not give the visitor too much choice, otherwise it will make a lot of visitors to other places, resulting in the failure of information collection. You should ask the visitor to choose between two options: "enter mailbox" and "leave". So your SP can’t link to other places, can’t have too many other functions, it is best to keep the input and return to the home page two links.


2 set eye-catching headline

headline may be the most important part of your SP. If your title is boring, visitors may leave immediately, so you have to make the title attractive enough to allow visitors to look at the details rather than turn around.


title page to highlight your commitment, such as "Download ebook for free" or provide some resources. Only those promises that appeal to appeal will make users think it is worthwhile to enter their own email address.

on how to write the title, warrior forum has a very good suggestion: try to write 10-30 different titles, choose the one that feels the best. Because Squeeze page has only one page, it is rarely changed once it is established, so it’s worth it to get ready for the best title.

3 list of points to be chosen

under the title of the best in the form of a brief description of their products, but to minimize the content, because numerous facts have proved that the short length of squeeze page is more conducive to improving the conversion rate.

the best point is not simply describe the what it is, but stressed the value of the user. For example, the use of your product will be what kind of benefits, your book can bring them something meaningful, etc..

has a list of choices can allow users to continue to bring the title of the impact, and ultimately they enter the mailbox.

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