How to improve customer conversion rate

              Yang Fan in the site planning of the past few years, with hundreds of large and small business website, success stories are too many to count, but Yang Fan found that the site is now almost always focus on the website promotion, spent time and money to do a lot of network advertising and publicity, every day looking at their own business website traffic greatly increased, thought "website traffic arrived, website promotion of the money is not wasted, but to finally see the income of the website and website advertising spending is not proportional, and sometimes loss, then began to doubt the network, from now on site planning or network marketing had a psychological conflict.

              Yang Fan said here is to meet this problem, do not blame you, blame no one really can give guidance to the people you are, most business owners are in the business of traditional industries, and the development of the network in the life of a step by step approximation, so business owners want to try network in the ocean to try his hand, but due to the network marketing planning and familiar degree is not high, resulting in more things happen.

              a website did not do promotion then this site is "Mummy", how to promote? Now the network everywhere is to teach you the website promotion methods, Yang Fan here is not to say, if you want to know please click on the website promotion planning, today Yang Fan is here and talk about how to put your users into the site, let your users into your customers.

    business segments;           tell the user what you can do, what are respectively, such as a training site for its business segments: graduate training, on-the-job training, employment of personnel training, business training, etc., among different people corresponding to the different entrance, this will make the user feel your website is with him is a relationship.

    customer segmentation;           in the construction site before the market analysis will give users divided into several modules, and then make the entrance of different user groups on the site, analysis of different users of their status, psychological characteristics and so on, respectively corresponding to the leading article or page.

              B2C communication is the most indispensable content of the business website, such as online customer service, online QQ consulting and a series of enterprises and users that

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