Debt to equity holdings Ali goodaymart logistics to strengthen the 34% large logistics layout

Abstract: the Alibaba investment goodaymart logistics HK $1 billion 316 million in debt, continue to strengthen the layout of large logistics network, while rookie network will also deepen and goodaymart logistics cooperation.




network operators in the world by Tao WangboHaier

(1169 HK) January 4th announcement that Haier Electric Group investment Alibaba subsidiary, goodaymart logistics HK $1 billion 316 million in debt into the convertible bonds into shares goodaymart logistics 24.1%. As of press time reporter, Haier shares price of HK $12.82, up 4.91%.

at the end of 2013, Alibaba group to subscribe for HK $541 million daily logistics of the equity of $9.9%. After the debt, the Alibaba group together hold 34% stake goodaymart logistics goodaymart logistics, but will still be a subsidiary of Haier electric appliances.

is a logistics platform for home appliances (home appliances, home, travel products, etc.) to provide a solution for the supply chain integration platform.

According to

reports, goodaymart logistics has established a nationwide three level distributed cloud warehouse network, with 10 pre embrace warehouses, 100 logistics centers, 2000 transit HUB Library (distribution Library), a total storage area of 5 million square meters or more. In addition, there are more than 6 thousand service outlets in the country, can achieve nationwide delivery, installation of synchronous home service.

in recent years, Alibaba is a wide range of investment through a wide range of logistics industry layout. In 2013, jointly established industry rookie network, the intention to create a smart logistics platform, the integration of the entire logistics chain; in 2014, shares of Xinyi technology force intelligent storage areas; in 2015, to 28 billion 300 million stake in Suning, part of the reason is also the value of the storage network and line store resources; in addition, has also invested in tact, and the peak of BES Huitong express company.

Logistics, service

all electrical requirements and other commodities are completely different, the higher of home delivery and installation service requirements, goodaymart logistics not only has the strong ability of large household appliances distribution, at the same time in the two or three line of the city and county rural area large logistics depth network, Ali is also the value of logistics resources.

May 2016, goodaymart logistics has joint rookie network launched Home Furnishing purchases next day service, open 100 cloud goodaymart logistics warehouse across the country and covering more than 2 thousand and 800 counties as the service support service outlets.

to solve the pain points in large logistics delivery, installation and return aspects, rookie and goodaymart has launched a home delivery, send one, reverse Lanshou services, enhance the Tmall appliance logistics service experience.


according to the announcement, on the day of Ali >

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