Online shopping ills will be curbed electricity supplier no longer capricious

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online shopping ills will be curbed electricity supplier is no longer willful

began in October 1st this year, the electricity supplier platform for promotional activities, if there is the first price and then promotions, refundable deposit, brush fictitious transactions and other acts, will be investigated according to law

electronic business platform is the organizer of the promotional activities, from the consumer’s consumer behavior to gain benefits, it should bear the corresponding obligations

due to the name of the festival to buy buy buy, has become a common means of marketing network operators, Mid Autumn Festival, national day, double 11 are so. But at the same time, the number of online shopping complaints also showed an upward trend year by year. According to statistics released by the China Consumer Association, in 2014, the Consumers Association received 20135 complaints remote shopping, which accounted for a net shopping of up to 92.28%.

with the State Administration for Industry and commerce, network products and services focused on the promotion of the Interim Provisions of the release, this phenomenon is expected to be curbed. "Requirements" from the beginning of October 1st this year, the electricity supplier platform for promotional activities, such as the emergence of the first price and then promotions, refundable deposit, scalping and other acts of fictitious transactions and evaluation, will be investigated according to law.

to clarify the responsibility, the provisions also clear the organizers and operators should be responsible for their respective responsibilities. Among them, the third party trading platform, as the organizer of the centralized promotion, shall record and keep the contents and release time of the goods and services released on the platform during the promotion. At the same time, the transaction platform needs to conduct inspection and monitoring of network merchant promotions, found that businesses have illegal behavior, you can stop providing services.

Renmin University of China professor Liu Junhai believes that the past business platform responsibility is often neglected, in fact is the platform promotion activities of the organizers, from the consumer behavior of profits, should bear the corresponding obligations.

Taobao double 11 big promotion in some stores have listed the pre-sale refundable deposit, no quality problems may not return other terms, and has been trading platform support. The "provision" clearly, the third party trading platform shall not use the standard clauses is refundable deposit, the pre-sale for seven days no reason to return, increased consumer responsibility to the consumer unfair and unreasonable regulations.

online shopping brush, fictitious transactions, false evaluation and other issues have been repeated, after Taobao, Tmall and other platforms on the brush has aroused widespread concern. The "provision" of fictitious trading volume, turnover and promotion of false praise, delete bad behavior explicitly prohibited, and a clear violation of the requirements of the third party business platform and shop businesses will be punished accordingly.

in March this year, China has promulgated the "on improving the consumption of the first part of the operators ask and pay a compensation system to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers", and the large-scale promotional activities devoted to the introduction of management measures is to further standardize the businesses, the introduction of new measures is supposed to do business. So >

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