The B2C industry has entered a new round of melee two models on an equal footing

domestic B2C industry is entering a new round of melee. A report of iResearch days before the show, platform type B2C to Taobao mall as a representative in the past year began to force, and the vertical self dingzuerli B2C. For insiders, the current confused B2C industry, which will win the future is more worthy of concern.

model two

on an equal footingA research report

iResearch released in April 12th showed that in 2010 Chinese B2C transactions reached 63 billion yuan, accounting for the proportion of China overall online shopping market transactions was 12.7%, an increase of three percentage points compared to 2009.

continued to rise in the overall scale at the same time, B2C platform to Taobao mall as the representative of the rapid rise in the past year, the total size of the transaction started with vertical self B2C, two B2C for the first time presented a situation dominated by three powerful rivals in china.

from a single point of view, Taobao mall began to show the advantages of competition in the field of B2C. IResearch on 2010 B2C online retailer 30 strong statistics show that Taobao mall to the absolute advantage of trading in the year ranked first in 30 billion. In addition to Taobao mall, the remaining 29 into the top 30 of the total transaction amount of B2C.

a new round of melee started

Internet analysts believe that, from the current situation, the domestic B2C industry is entering a melee. Not only the vertical self and platform of the two different business models force competing in their respective fields, vertical self B2C enterprise competition also began to fight to fight at outrance".

reporter from was informed that since April 2008 officially launched the B2C platform Taobao mall, after 3 years of development, Taobao mall has become the largest B2C trading platform has 30 thousand brands, tens of thousands of businesses, including 3C appliances, clothing, footwear, cosmetics, home improvement, Chaodeng major industries. International authority Alexa released the latest data show that Taobao mall independent domain name traffic ranked first in China B2C website.

and vertical self B2C on behalf of Dangdang, Jingdong mall, excellent network and other companies because of the rapid development of capital markets favor. Following the end of last year listed on the NYSE, shortly after the beginning of April Jingdong mall announced that the company has received a $1 billion 500 million third round of financing.

China Electronic Commerce Research Center Director Cao Lei told reporters, in a lot of financial support, to sell books started,, started by the 3C products of the Jingdong store, began to expand from field to field department. From the beginning of the second half of last year, Jingdong mall and Dangdang repeatedly upgraded price war impressive. It can be predicted that the future competition between B2C enterprises will be more intense.

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