Taobao and YAHOO online shopping platform in Japan simultaneously on the line in June 1st

                  May 17th news, science and technology Tencent learned today, Transnational Online Shopping — "taojapan" and "Chinese mall platform and YAHOO Japan will be announced at the same time to build a line on June 1st, when the Alibaba Chairman of the board and CEO will go to Ma at the two platform on-line news conference.10 March

5, and YAHOO Japan announced the official will build two cross-border online shopping platform – Amoy Japan "and" China mall ", which" taojapan "set up in the Taobao online, provide information of Japanese products to users Chinese platform;

China Mall is set on YAHOO Japan, is a Japanese version of YAHOO products for Chinese users to provide Japanese products. Only the two online shopping platform will be launched in early June and announced at the press conference the same day and YAHOO in Japan, but did not disclose the specific date.

according to the plan, by and YAHOO both the underlying data docking, goods will appear directly in YAHOO Japan "Chinese mall, YAHOO Japanese goods will also appear in the" Amoy Japan ".

in addition, two online shopping platform by the third party company to provide information translation and logistics services, Japanese consumers see commodities is the national language, and is completely familiar with the previous purchase through their own operations and payment transactions.

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