E commerce greatly enhance the traditional enterprise investment confidence

is still a few years ago things, many traditional enterprise attitude of electronic commerce also tend to be conservative, the concept of e-commerce is also only stay in the subconscious, no actual thoughts and actions to carry out electronic commerce. This phenomenon lasted for a period of time, the overall development of e-commerce has been sluggish, there is no way to fully demonstrate its charm.

however, when after a period of internal fully inclusive and equitable accumulation process, e-commerce has begun to enter the high-speed development, from the three stages of e-commerce in the China formation, 2010 is an important year for the transition from stable stage to mature stage. In 09 years coupled with the impact of the global financial crisis, the traditional enterprise trade has been a great impact, in such circumstances, how to face difficulties, in the traditional market risk investment is not stable, the Internet has caused the traditional enterprise attention.

Internet Weekly wrote "electronic commerce" inventory of events in these ten years, summarizes some typical events in the development of electronic commerce China, in the article, China e-commerce has benign development, development path and mapping the dynamic and economic development to China Internet, which the most prominent Alibaba. At the same time, the article also shows that the development of e-commerce in China is mature and efficient, which also provides a favorable reference for traditional enterprises to enter e-commerce.

small and medium enterprise network, said the news, the transformation of traditional enterprise attention is conducive to the overall expansion of e-commerce. In the early stage, the relatively scattered online retailers have not been able to break the traditional market’s strong competitiveness, and have been in a state of wandering or even hesitating. Today, e-commerce, whether in terms of channels, shopping, logistics and other aspects of the depth, such a strong market share, has forced some companies began to follow the trend of the rapid pace of e-commerce. Active choice of e-commerce online sales promotion, with fame and fortune, renewed the traditional e-commerce business confidence, enthusiasm high.

Lang Xianping said that in 2010, most of the traditional business owners that e-commerce can do, but did not really take action. By 2010, the situation has changed, the domestic well-known brand enterprises and even created a special online sales of the brand, not to establish official B2C mall enterprises have established e-commerce, online retail business management. E-commerce has become an important battlefield of many enterprises. This also reflects the charm of e-commerce began to reflect, in both B2B and B2C modes are eye-catching performance, enterprises began to devote more manpower and material resources in these two aspects, because e-commerce has been profitable.

With the increasing penetration of e-commerce and a new round of consumption boom,

has diversified, differentiated and socialized characteristics. According to the survey analysis, in 2010 the traditional enterprise and third party service providers have the trend of rapid growth, the massive demand leads to the network personalized pursue a variety of collaboration model and business model innovation. For example

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