Unfamiliar Street domain name mm com sold 7 million 470 thousand yuan won the Sedo platform annual c

renamed China (eName.cn) December 22nd news, according to foreign media reports, Sedo announced the domain name, the sales price of the highest since 2014 in the 2 letter domain name recently, mm.com to $1 million 200 thousand, about 7 million 470 thousand yuan (the exchange rate) price, won the annual list title.


mm.com belongs to the domain of double consonants 2 letter domain name, "Mo Mo, password, sale, naming, mask, mother" and other combination of meaning, it is understood that the domain name system in China from overseas purchase, and transferred to the renamed Chinese management platform. Ranked second is the real true.com, to $350 thousand rally, followed by the mall domain malls.com, the auction price of $320 thousand.


2014 new top-level domain auction price highest in the top ten,.Club domain name accounted for 6, of which, baltic.cruises highest price to $25000 price shoot. Followed by eating eat.club, the auction price of $20000, as well as english.club’s auction price of $17500.


In 2014

language new top-level domain, "online games." at a price of $25388, ranked first, "online casino." with a $25000 bid and ranked second, ranked third in the real estate online. ", take the price of $16000.

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