Excellent art cool with the plot reversal return Youku embarrassment or prostitute Ali

lead: the so-called merger rumors of Iqiyi, Youku only in order to increase the bargaining power, pretentious.


recently, Youku acquisition of Iqiyi rumors once again usher in the plot reversal. The real truth is not a rumor of Youku and Iqiyi merger, but Youku will sell Ali or other gold master. Informed sources: the so-called merger rumors of Iqiyi, Youku only in order to increase the bargaining power, pretentious.

actually, Youku potatoes since the merger will face a shortage of funds, into a conservative, content layout problem of lack of innovation, the stock market has long been more American capital market undervalued stocks long hovering around $20, and the domestic competition is gradually recover even beyond the competitors. But in the domestic market, as the storm heady, several times in the market value of youku. Why Youku can not through privatization, landing the domestic stock market? Obviously, Youku as a U.S. listed company split back home, take a long time to do so, once will face a very embarrassing situation:

1 storm, LETV, video companies in the market value of the domestic stock market is staggering, and as a small part of the U.S. stock shares in a small part of the video shares, the capital market in the United States has long been underestimated, excellent soil long term stock hovering around $20.

2 in the United States, is the first video Youku China stocks, which marks the China video in American capital market enterprises, almost represents the highest height Chinese video can be achieved in the U.S. stock market.

3 returns home, the first is facing Hongkong Koo The climate does not suit one., investment banks came to the U.S. market, with ease, but no practical experience on the domestic stock market.

4 is the biggest problem, if the back of the domestic stock market, so the magnitude of the storm will not pose a threat to Youku, but Iqiyi must precede the Youku domestic market, the same magnitude of the company, Iqiyi will become a reference Youku market capitalization, while Iqiyi may not only absorb most of a video in advance of funds, more likely to strategic emerging version of the first listing the domestic enterprises, BAT story endorsement of the identity, the difference is not seriously affected investor confidence Youku

if you return home, Youku will face tudou.com in 2011 listed the dilemma, after opponents listed, not only lack of funds in the market, more directly in the competition behind, become awkward second.

if you can not go home, it can only be sold.

There are rumors that Youku

before the listing, and Baidu, Tencent have been approached, but I got the news that the negotiations have been closed. There are two reasons for abortion:

The difference between

1 and Iqiyi, Youku Video Tencent is not obvious, the advantages of high user overlap, Youku only in the field of UGC, but the business of commercial value is not great.

2 Ali

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