Today Google over apple the world’s most valuable company

driven Alphabet growth, is not currently Google’s little brother

this morning, Alphabet released the last three months of 2015 figures: Revenue $21 billion 300 million, net profit of $4 billion 920 million.

if the impact of changes in the exchange rate aside, Alphabet’s revenue more than a year ago 24%.

digital publishing, Alphabet trading shares once crossed $800, market capitalization of nearly $565 billion, about 26 billion higher than apple to become the world’s largest companies.

since Apple surpassed Exxon · in 2012, this is the first time that it has been surpassed by other companies.

drive Alphabet revenue growth, or Google did more than and 10 years of advertising business

in the $21 billion 300 million in revenue, there are 21 billion 178 million from Google, of which advertising income is 90%.


which is the fastest growing Youtube video advertising and mobile search advertising.

search engine advertising revenue to reach the ceiling for a while, and YouTube and Android’s revenue has caught up with the. Credit Suisse expects 2015 YouTube and Android Google income accounted for 16% of total revenues, some figures disclosed last month that Oracle sued Google, since the Android operating system was born, a total of $22 billion profit for Google.

but the negative impact of the market shift from PC has also emerged. In the quarter, Google third party advertising (small sites on the edge of the site) revenue growth of only 7%, only Google 1/3 ad on their own services.

Google brothers and sisters, burned a total of $3 billion 600 million last year

As for the other company after the separation of

, Alphabet also announced the first of their income.

but the information disclosure is very limited – all outside the Google business is put together, called "Other Bets"". In other words, you do not know how much money spent in the X lab, do not know how good the network service business is said to be good income.


is the direct release of information outside the Google subsidiary in 2015 full year

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