Social shopping sites rely on Taobao’s high dependence on market revenue is reduced commission

steady stream of users will always be the most exciting Internet companies, because this is the flow, but also the realization of revenue.

since the first half of 2011, after the B2C website burn grab users, beauty and both belong to the first echelon of the social shopping site and started a new competition to grab the user.

"at present, the United States said that every day on the Tencent platform advertising investment is 400 thousand yuan." March 15th, an Internet investment circle veteran told reporters that the United States began to invest heavily in advertising to attract new users.

this ho throw daughter to grab the user’s approach to business colleagues feel powerless and frustrated money. Not only that, so beautiful, enough to be proud of, they are now close to 100 million yuan annual revenue, the commission rate of nearly 10%. If you do not want to hit gold advertising, they are better than the loss of electricity providers operating on a lot of days.

, however, these revenues are basically from Taobao, many people worry that their high commission will not be deprived.

hit ad grab users on the line in early 2011, the beautiful said in October 2009 to set up, after 3 years of start-up companies have no life and death test period. But just two years, they are crazy by users and capital markets sought after, has also been posted on the class Pinterest website, China’s Pinterest variant and other labels.

for these two CEO to deny by common consent. In June seems, Pinterest is the cohesion of the site, its users will find a good picture from the Internet Pin to Pinterest, but with the same picture, there is little interaction between members. The is the external type of site, the user’s traffic to the outside of the station. From the user and positioning, the two are not the same. Pinterest users are 25 years old to the age of a young housewife, is based on the picture was gathered together; users are mainly years old female users aged -25, is based on the consumer experience and sparked interest in the hobby of 35.

Xu Yirong also said, the beauty is actually just learn from the picture of the waterfall flow of the show, not the same type of site." He believes that beauty is the core idea of the user, the content is also generated by the user, the user needs to interact with the fashion sharing, so the ultimate foothold is social media.

" is Social Shopping (social shopping), beauty is said to be Social Media (social media). By the middle of this year, we can see that the two sites have different ideas." June said that although from the UI (user interface) up, there is no difference between the two sites, but in fact is not the same.

from the point of view of the status quo, can reflect the difference between the two sites is "magazine" and "group" of the two >

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