Grassroots blog million fry name Ganqing anything

a Beijing cultural development company boss, twenty-nine year old Yuan Zhiyong wanted to aid (target five million), Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and other fifty-one large and medium-sized city computer desktop set to write his blog address photos, and browser home page set to the blog address, the name of achievement. As a widely circulated "the history of the most expensive blog", began to get a higher degree of attention. But the netizen is extremely suspicious of his sanity". People in general, recently some people China "grassroots" crowd keen through a variety of ways to make a name for himself, "the famous Mania" began quietly spread them at all, or even use unscrupulous divisive tactics. I’d think that, only too far, not illegal, does not harm others, "grassroots" blog right should be respected to be famous. (China news service, August 12, 2007)


Ms. Eileen Chang had a more than half a century, he said, to be famous as. The world is bustling, fame, all profits go to. In the eyes of the current economy and click on the network to guide the public opinion, do not want to storm the name, to win a high click rate of the blogger is rare. Although there are bloggers claiming the network as a virtual hard disk storage of paper, let the flowers bloom, stay or not, but as we once for "who reported Chen Liangyu" more than 30 thousand readers, heart secretly is still very encouraging myself. Although not every day is Sunday in some articles, click no more than one digit, still, music can not stick with this piece of green adorable.

think is the blog has changed. According to last year’s statistics, there are 30 million bloggers in China, and it is believed that by next year the number will grow to about 90 million. 90 million yo, it means that one of the more than and 10 people in the blog. In such a multitude of the world, "as a grassroots blog, surfaced is easier said than done, small investment and do not play what role (Yuan Zhiyong)." Needless to say, this is a "entertainment to death" era. The British newspaper "independent" (August 6th August 9, 2007 Southern Weekend) also known as analysis, bloggers around the world, China few pure political blog, blog about movie stars and China than on social problems, because the public concern is also a movie star and more social problems. Blog site to increase the click rate of the use of celebrity, to attract the public, with the movie star and then, a grassroots bloggers, neither a big star, but also the non non non yellow flowers of the blog, click rate is also difficult to win.

have labor want to harvest. To improve visibility, want many of the public will be proud of their friends, want to own a little bit of ideas and insights, including their own small thinking, small Huan Yue can get respect and lift, want to use blog to find wide, make friends, and even a little other thoughts, such as business to improve my goods and brand awareness, a way to earn money, I thought it was all legitimate rights of individual citizens. Nor is it a shortcut to fame. For example

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