never thought the biggest porn site Pornhub to turn the music giant

Abstract: it’s no wonder that "Swift" is the theme song for the graded film "Fifty degree black" in Taylor.


before this, who did not expect the concert with the adult website, although there has always been a lot of music form the development of the sex and violence can not be described and interpreted.

music seems to be profitable from the start, stopped by matchmaker, some do for music prosperity has brought positive effects, but many do not. So this time is the adult website to enter the music market, an interesting case, or music once again consumption?

low-key adult website to set up record company

low-key Pornhub is not low-key, the old drivers who know. Pornhub was founded in 2007, is one of the world’s largest pornographic video sharing site, with about 60000000 hits a day, only advertising and free viewing users to achieve profitability. In the latest statistics, Pornhub is the world’s popular websites in the United States ranked twenty-third in the rankings, group Youporn and Redtube while sitting on the two traffic giant.


Pornhub and Youtube have a very similar mode of operation:

users are free to watch video content from the upload, and the third party video content producers can upload their own production of "professional" content, but Pornhub is only a huge flow of pornographic content caused by advertising revenue earned pours, is quite low-key.

is such an obviously can rely on "features" sleep without any anxiety Internet platform, in 2014 it announced its entry into the music market, put forward the development plan to set up a music company in the future.

2014 U.S. music industry revenue is flat, the total market value of $6 billion 972 million a year or even slightly lower than in 2013. The only thing worth noting is that in this year, both in the physical record and pay to download both fell, while the music streaming media revenue has risen sharply. I do not know whether to see such a market signal, Pornhub made the decision to enter the music market.

after this, Pornhub famous American experimental indie band Xiu Xiu and Gangsat s Paradise "rapper Coolio, respectively, to create a very Pornhub characteristics of the MV and single". Among them, Coolio tribute to erotic works Take It The Hub is more than 500 thousand times a week to get the amount of browsing within a week.

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