Taobao APP Taobao little on the first batch of 3 pilot cities

speed transit network June 25th news, in front of the camera artifact chowhound, "suck". Today, Taobao ordering artifact Taobao point formally launched to support the user ordering and ordering through a two-dimensional code scanning.

it is understood that Taobao is the introduction of Taobao’s life to subvert the traditional O2O model of APP applications, is still in the trial operation stage. Taobao point, has opened Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, 3 cities business. At the same time, more than and 100 restaurants including CHAMATE eight cloth, lady Home Dishes, have been settled.

for on-line ordering artifact also attracted the attention of all users. The blogger "Shaoxing Guaizi Ping" comments, "it is definitely a good thing for chowhound"; "mouth shell" said, "buffet meal can also save the cost of human resources".

for some users can directly with Alipay checkout service "questions, speed transit network call Taobao, Taobao responded that temporarily can not, but at present only the trial operation stage, later stage will be launched Alipay checkout function.

in April this year, vice president of Alibaba, Juhuasuan division and local life division is responsible for epilepsy row, said the Alibaba will launch a "enough to change the status of the industry, the revolutionary local lifestyle products in June this year". And the product and Alibaba existing Tintin discount, Taobao local life and other local life App will not intersect, it does not contain SNS elements. (Chen Xue)

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