Millet Bracelet Huang Wang 3 explosive tips 8 months Kuangmai 4 million


what product so fierce?

3 months break million, 2 months to achieve the realization of the second 1 million, 40 days of third, less than 30 days to achieve the fourth 1 million.

answer is: millet bracelet. As the ecological chain millet star enterprise, millet Bracelet become mobile power and after a burst of products with high popularity, even at the press conference the same day Baidu index beat millet TV, millet routing.

I recently interviewed a trader – founder of China millet Bracelet Huang Wang, his explosive rule was straightforward: first to achieve the ultimate product, and then achieve the ultimate price.


niubable are forced to suffer, in order to achieve the two extreme, Huang Wang and his team suffered. For example, users of millet bracelet the deepest impression is the power function of powerful, Huang Wang by 100 days standby standard to polish products, 5 internal design team of 5 different chip solutions, different stages of validation which most power, after 1 months. Two schemes, 2 months later get rid of a program, the final release of the bracelet is to save resources, time and energy results.

at the same time to create the ultimate product, Huang Wang did not forget to tighten the cost of this string. In addition to the future through sustained and stable order to reduce costs, spare no effort Huang Wang and supply chain dismantling, cost analysis, including rent, spare parts, labor costs, the cost of the final price of 5 yuan of the battery, while the foreign company is 13 yuan, 13 yuan to avoid a fatal blow to the cost of the battery caused 79 yuan millet bracelet.

integration of Internet products and hardware supply chain intelligent hardware industry is the most difficult areas of entrepreneurship, Huang Wang did not forget to remind Entrepreneurs: to maintain adequate fear of the hardware.

The following is the

of China founder Huang Wang case and oral dialogue (without my review):

2014 All in

Bracelet: Lei instill attentionOur

team entrepreneurial experience, my first company after graduation to join HUAWEI, there were only 3000 people, equivalent to 2013 millet team size, HUAWEI and millet was the industry idea and mode of operation of the enterprise’s most advanced companies. After 2 industries (MP3 digital products and tablet PCs) reincarnation, we know that the end of 2013 the consumer electronics industry will usher in a major change, if you do not seize this big mouth is obviously not wise.

I and MIUI three musketeers of Sun Peng are alumni, November 2013, by chance, he went to Hefei on business, the way to visit our company, I sent him a Z Watch smart watch experience, second days after he returned to Beijing to try the next day called Lei Lei, assistant call about meet me, I was just in Beijing, they happily agreed to meet.

Then I watch

analysis is a solid quality by Lei Jun, Wang Xiaochuan also said Z Watc>

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