Baidu home page test new features increase the most frequently visited web site settings

just inadvertently discovered, Baidu home page to increase the most frequently visited web site settings (need to log on account). Can add their own title and address, click on the add to add, as follows:


add a URL to try:


added after the completion of the renderings:


Baidu home page after joining hao123, once again increase the most frequently visited web site settings, there must be a reason. 2010 site navigation entered the mature period of steady development, with 360, Tencent, Taobao, thunder and other large Internet Co to join this industry, more and more intense competition, into the navigation industry barrier is also enhanced. And in 360 and other Internet Co to enter the site navigation industry, hao123 users continue to drain, it can be said that the impact on hao123 is not small. In addition to the traditional site navigation station has been difficult to meet the high quality of the needs of users of the Internet, the group need more independent web site navigation, but also need one can set up their own functions, but the hao123 is not provided, because it will directly affect the profitability of hao123 hao123, this type of traditional web site navigation station is to guide users to surf the Internet, users will not give their right to grasp, hao123 is the largest population, may not say to the small part of people to give up most of the crowd, you can’t have it both ways.

2010 with site navigation station advertising prices, Newegg and other major B2C website has announced to stop on the hao123 advertising, the traditional site navigation station has to depend on the downhill.

with the advent of the Web2.0 era, people began to pursue personalized, are in the pursuit of my site I call the shots, from the blog, SNS to micro-blog, are to meet the individual needs of the people. Web site navigation is no exception, through the site navigation can edit their favorite style, content, website, and even can edit their own classification, rather than limited in a certain classification. I think this is why one of the reasons for the loss of hao123 users, we need to have their own personal internet home page.

site navigation station as an Internet entrance, now many users need is a convenient and practical function, better user experience, the user experience is an important part of the development of the Internet, how to retain users, must rely on these work. Users in this field abroad experience, 2006 has been a good personal internet home page — Symbaloo, at the time it is certainly not suitable for the development of China, but now is not the same, Chinese users no longer stay in the hao123 service, the service requirements more and more high. Last year, compared to a small fire, buy >

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