Keyword selection technique

Keyword selection technique

–   select the relevant keywords  

–   select specific keywords  

in the selection of keywords we still pay attention to this point, is to avoid the meaning of the words with broad general as the main keywords, but according to your business or product categories, as far as possible to select specific words. For example, a manufacturer of woodworking machinery sales, "Carpenter  Tools" is not the right keywords, "Chain  Saws" may be a wise choice.

–   selection of longer words  

and query information try to use the original form instead of words, our best use of words long form submitted site, if can use "games" when, don’t try to choose "game". Because in the search engine to support the word multi form or broken word query, select "games" to ensure that your web page in the "games" and "game" search, can get the opportunity to be retrieved.

–   don’t forget to go wrong?  

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