Within 1 minutes to draw high quality soft Wen

thinking determines the height of


Xiaobian tell you 1 minutes to draw policy of high quality soft, I think we might say to brag, how can? When soft Wen creation, to learn how to share knowledge, only know how to create value, share value, can really know how to think, the following small open wrote.

to write high quality soft Wen is a skill, soft writing first you have to know how to analysis large coffee industry is how to write text learning, is the use of what kind of way leads to the brand information, collecting and summarizing large coffee industry soft, analysis of their writing style, have a common character that would write stories it is not difficult to find between them, the text of the control is particularly good, in fact, that is the text and practice summary, write, read, believe that hard work pays off, one day you will write high quality soft Wen, in fact, many bloggers write writing is good because they in the continuous learning and writing, continuous creation, summing up their failure and shortcomings, in order to make progress.

user planning ideas sharing:

writing soft Wen planning, small first for everyone to share, what kind of soft love users to share? What kind of soft the user love? Why should the user analysis to read your essay? What you can meet the needs of users of



users like to see content information

found that a rule is the most basic human weaknesses from these areas of doubt; users see the contents of love is to meet some of the potential demand, for example: their valuable information, interesting stories, the story was very happy intent to share with their friends, and some can meet the user’s vanity content and let yourself feel there is a meaning and value of existence, the user’s psychological treatment, let her see this article feel was the first to find out, we must learn to create this kind of psychological users, interact with users in the scene.

soft writing ideas planning:


soft writing ideas planning to share

soft writing planning, good location and soft first title of the content of the product knowledge related industries to collect, in mind first planning about the writing ideas of this article, in accordance with the idea to layout planning soft text layout.

is the title of the article, the use of questions, questions the way to attract the user’s interest, content title to target their own core strengths.

industry trends to share, to share information on the current situation of the industry, to learn to interact with the user in the sharing of the emotional communication to write the soft state of mind.

through the story of the case to carry out their own main information content.

in the story of the case through the natural means of brand letter

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