Micro blog to change the promotion of event marketing and business card role highlights

handle network Wu Bo follow Liu Qiangdong micro-blog bet rumor event marketing two.

Admin5 station network April 27th news, today there are media reports earlier in net capital chain tight mass layoffs. Reported that the handle network technology department recently cut 40%, nearly 300 of the backbone of the East China region was "lianguoduan", otherwise the general manager of Shanghai Zhang Hong, general manager of the Southern China region, Beijing region Ou Minggang, deputy general manager Tian Fuhai, general manager of Zhejiang Hunan area manager Chen Jun and other executives were leaving Song Liming and vice president lashou.com together. From the beginning of October last year, the number of sites to buy each month showed a downward trend in the field of financing blocked, fierce competition and other reasons to buy the whole industry reshuffle. Yesterday also reported F Group will integrate operations and Gaopeng news. Therefore, handle network capital chain rupture of a press, has become the focus of heated debate in the industry.

handle network layoffs reported, not only handle the network official responded quickly that this report is not true, said the handle network financial health, abundant cash, and the general manager of the region and the team structure stability. Handle network CEO Wu Bo also in the micro-blog to follow the example of the previous between Jingdong Liu Qiangdong and Li Guoqing gamble said that dangdang.com, can let competitors questioned if part of handle check account, account funds less than 500 million cash, the person is willing to donate 10 million @ care package project, otherwise rumors only donate 5 million.

can be said, people drift in rivers and lakes, which do not have a knife". As the domestic group buying giant, handle network has been the focus of. And some negative rumors have been around. Whether this massive layoffs news is true. Related reports have spread like wildfire. Although the official has the rumor, the news media have also reported tracking. But after all, the traditional network media information asymmetry exists, layoffs earlier, after the rumor. Let the news news spread rumor reached layoffs effect, generally is not realistic. But the handle CEO Wu Bo in micro-blog through the bet way to rumor. The spread of micro-blog as a new media is enormous. Not only can cause the topic caused by the industry and the media attention, a large number of forwarding will allow more users to understand the information. For micro-blog’s bet, Liu Qiangdong first, users have the support or opposition, although there are doubts with commonweal career to do gambling is wrong. There are also said to take advantage of the opportunity to take advantage of the network Wu bo. But in the handle network rumor at the same time, the topic has been formed, will also attract more attention. Can be said to be a rumor at the same time made a successful event marketing, let the industry and the media to pay more attention to handle network, pay more attention to the current situation of the development of group purchase website now.

micro-blog to change the way the network has become a way to promote the network card

currently domestic micro-blog users have more than 300 million. In particular, Sina micro-blog, from 09 years to date less than 3 years, the user base has more than 300 million of the world’s population in the vast majority of countries, Tencent, Sohu, the rise of micro-blog also allows users to have more choices. Micro-blog is also changing the Internet and life

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