Webmaster experience examples to explain how the site for Market Research

Market Research for the operation of the site is a very important step, through market research allows us to make more precise marketing strategy. In this paper, based on their own experience, with a practical example to explain how to conduct market research.

if there are three sites are a, B, C, there are two target keywords a and B. A website for their own, keywords for a, B for the competitor’s website, keywords for B, C for customers want to do the site, of course, also B.

first, the determination of the target traffic: at the same time with Google Adwords tools in each time period to query keywords a and B, according to the calculation, we can find that the flow of keywords B about 56% of A. The keyword a for the author’s own website, about 2000IP per day traffic, but the key words a brings the flow of 300 IP per day, that is, the 300 visitors. So you can probably figure out the key word B rankings do up about every day can bring 300IP× 56%=168IP (key word is to do Google first).

secondly, calculation the competition website B monthly profit: the B site to buy the two products you can probably calculate the monthly sales amount of products, buy a month early in the month, buy one, by the order number difference can be calculated the number of monthly sales of products. Of course, the product here is the daily mass consumer goods, not a very seasonal products. Through the calculation, the average monthly sales of about 300 products. As the customer is also familiar with this product, so that the profit of each product in 20 yuan or so, the final calculation of the site every month about × earnings of $300 / =6000 yuan.

followed by the estimated monthly profit of customer sites: there are two ways, first, by calculating the conversion rate, the second is calculated by the percentage of traffic. Due to the different site design, marketing programs are different, so the different site conversion rate is different, but you can probably estimate the value of the reference to the webmaster. Through the Alexa rankings can be found on the site of the total flow rate of about 30%, is 2000IP× 30%=600IP. But before the calculated B website keywords C every day brings the flow of 168IP, so, C and B web site traffic is 168:600=0.28, then the B keyword C website every month the profit is 6000× yuan; 0.28=1680.

finally, summarize the other without considering the situation: you can see a lot of SEO B site is not done, the website usability, the overall impression is not enough air, so C site there is a good chance to go beyond. However, these are just a few words about the survey, the site is likely to contain multiple keywords, but the method is the same, just need to investigate >

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