Construction of small and medium enterprises should follow the 38 law

with more and more enterprises aware of the site’s second business card effect, the main wave of small and medium enterprises as the main wave of the second wave is booming. However, in the process of building the site, many companies have not received considerable results, so that the final form of the site and the facade. The reason, SEO information dissemination network believes that this is because most of the companies do not follow the effect of the three sites do not follow the construction of the discipline and the attention of the eight".

three disciplines: the first platform for enterprise

The ancients said: "Gangjumuzhang

." The site as a business window, undertake business, image, communication bridge and marketing positions such as multiple functions, therefore, how to make the enterprise website achieve ideal effect of users at a glance, readers and customer linger, gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory "outstanding enterprise core spirit of self is the key, to sum up, is" the three discipline".

a discipline: all planning positioning. As Great oaks from little acorns grow., website construction also follows from dream to reality, which requires enterprises to provide a clear scope of business, in the early period of website background and vision core positioning elements, so that enterprises will be able to in the website of soul infusion, in order to make the following work won the first strong impetus.

two disciplines: illegal never do. The modern society is the information society, but it is the rule of law society, despite the multitude of network information, but with the fight against cyber crime gradually strengthened, the content of the practice site to distribute illegal fouls in the world have become more and more difficult. Therefore, in order to ensure the enterprise evergreen, is a "clean" website.

three disciplines: customer experience is the center. Over the past few decades, the success or failure of the global website experience, we can easily find that the success of the site tend to have strong stickiness, in order to maintain the attention of the old users, while attracting new users log on. The achievements of the site’s strong stickiness in addition to the characteristics of simple and beautiful appearance, good interactivity and content attractiveness is also an important factor.

eight note: enterprise site technology points

in the process of building enterprises, so that the three discipline is only the basis of success, or that only the completion of the spirit of the building, and the site from the sketch into reality, or the support of specific technologies. These technical points, and can be summed up as the eight attention".

a note: concise and lively is the key. Since 1990s, the website construction technology has experienced large-scale update five times from the traditional framework of text generation, write rise to a new stage since the operation of rendering, but one item of information website is also placed everything in good order and well arranged enterprise operational operation, abide by the order of the act of.

two note: art is decorated with. Many enterprises and individuals in the site, always wanted to shine in the art, unfortunately, according to the SEO information dissemination network survey, too much emphasis on the art experience of the website, "

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