38 sites collective sale of lottery tickets after rectification or issue a new license

Internet lottery industry policy more closely, the fifth industry consolidation continue to upgrade. As of press time yesterday, reporters, including Taobao lottery, QQ lottery, including 38 websites have suspended lottery sales services, industry sources said, do not rule out the suspension of operations throughout the industry.

event: three color selling giant damaged

February 28th is the closing time Internet lottery website temporarily stop selling each lottery sales, Internet rumors of a large list of 38 sites, Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that, different from the previous part of the local high frequency color of the sale, this time, in addition to the 500 lottery network, the web site said in succession the suspension of all lottery sales, recovery time is not clear.

market was originally expected to issue 3, April Internet lottery license in 2014, then had to pass the licensing, but with the policy again lower than expected, the Internet lottery industry speculation boom gradually died down, also fell into bad policy situation.

February 28th, Taobao lottery official micro said, should be related to the welfare lottery distribution center, sports lottery management center notice, will be suspended from February 28th 5 onwards all kinds of color sales. Each color has a single stop customer service, successful orders will be normal before awarding; the Tao friends set after, custom orders will stop in the customer service documentary color automatically cancel and refund, the money will be 1-5 working days after return to the Alipay account.

since then, all day long Internet lottery sites have suspended all kinds of color messages.

this round of adjustment severely damaged companies, is listed in the United States 500 lottery network. Last week, 500 lottery net shares fell up to 41%, from its maximum value of $54 from 8 into, the latest price of only $9.23. Although the company said that in February 26th, the Board approved a stock repurchase program of up to $30 million, but the news failed to prevent the decline in the stock price momentum.

guess: high stock prices may be hidden positive

due to the 500 lottery network business and the first price adjustment, A shares of the Internet lottery stocks poor trend.

currently Hongbo shares, Yao Ji poker, people.com.cn, Anne shares, Gao Hong shares have announced to get involved in the Internet lottery industry, the impact of the company’s shares have been rectified, or to the majority of floating green week.

industry is in the adjustment, the Internet lottery business is being sprint to some companies, the stock price movements are also affected. As of February 9th this year, Kay Reed announced that intends to 15 million 500 thousand yuan acquisition of 100 CAI (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. 51% stake. Through a series of asset restructuring, the company will withdraw from the textile business, the main business changes to the Internet lottery business. Kay Reed weekly decline of 4.39%.

and other related companies in color crash, China sports industry market soared, rose up to 8.67%, is to challenge the previous high potential. Market view

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