Shopping mall website construction of the five recommendations

to the mall, now the Internet is filled with Putian cover. But professional, "money" king, there is little market mall. Specific analysis of the following points:

1, mall supply problems:

The first is to solve the problem of

mall is that you supply? Supply advantage? The price advantage? Customer service advantage? Such as return, replacement and so on, you have the means or advantage of


if you have a source, then you have to take into account the second question.

2, the supply of warranty issues:

has just mentioned the sale of the problem, showing that the quality of this product is also very critical. Of course, it depends on what you are doing the mall. By now I do most of the 3G business mobile phone Mall for example, guests will ask more is how the quality of machine warranty? How? How to price? That sentence should be "

" quality weightier than Mount Tai!

because the mall, although it is not in stock, but also can not rule out a return and replacement, then, for a long time can be accumulated, so ah, ha ha, the amount will be. So, this source, it is best to get more than a proxy. Otherwise, there will be more or less product goods, so when selecting supply agreement cooperation will take this point into account.

3, mall positioning problem

positioning is the mall’s market positioning, it is clear that the mall is to determine the consumer groups of goods. If you set a good position, then, I dare say, from the mall you put on the line soon after, there will be benefit of the. Why? Because your location is set to be equal to your market has been formed! This sentence I have friends with those of my mall have said, oh, the effect is good.

the positioning of the consumer groups, you can set up according to your goods, for example: is the older people spend more, or young men use more or middle-aged business people use more?.

4, mall payment problem

it’s a question that doesn’t seem so important. Actually otherwise. This can be seen in your price and consumption object to determine your website in the end to use what method of payment? It is usually on the Internet under an order (can be a form submission or shopping cart form), and then saved to the database, and then by the customer service staff through the background check the order, and then control the order information with shoppers, and then shipped.

generally speaking, order, have to pay a deposit, this mall will give you the delivery of this deposit, we referred to as: Chengyijin


5, mall business model issues

The problem of

is often ignored by many people. Thought it was electricity

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