Finland T innovation gene decryption who hatched angry birds

night, the Baltic Sea is winter. Helsinki central station tower clocks at 19, but the capital of Finland unexpectedly early to sleep, the streets do not see heavy traffic scene, square street artists accordion sound from near and far, Kang Shen, the wind in the silence of the night.

The new ad

the far corner of the faintly visible NOKIA store, which opened a free WiFi mobile phone found, have a Rovio — from "angry birds" company.

on NOKIA and angry birds game, thousands of miles away from Chinese consumers are not unfamiliar, but once the enthusiasm has been quietly cooling.

recently, the daily economic news reporter should be invited to Finnfacts, in-depth visits to the national innovation system in Finland, trying to decrypt the roots of the country in the lake, the IT industry gene.

is the root of culture: "tell a story" Finn

with two games, day into $500 thousand, is it possible?

, however, the social gaming company Supercell CEOIlkkaPaananen gives a positive answer – on the iPad and iPone platforms, we are by far the most profitable gaming company.

this year in June and in August, when Supercell’s HayDay (hay day) and ClashofClans (tribal war) were launched on iPad and iPhone APP applications, it was crazy download.


" the hay, similar to the QQ farm game for all ages, there are different approaches but equally satisfactory results wonderful and angry birds.

Rovio, director of public relations SaraAntila on the "daily economic news" reporter said: "angry birds is the world’s first don’t need to see any text, does not need the language requirements, whether it is two or three years old or grey-haired old hands to get to know how to play the game."

however, people are curious, why minimalist ideas are from Finland


"the Finn was very shy, very long and cold winter, people like to hide in the home story. And then there’s the angry bird." Supercell CEO said.

in fact, the people of Finland not only "love story", but also "story telling" IT. Their keen insight into the business model is amazing.

Kiosked is committed to the research and application of information technology and product placement in the network picture and video, and its innovative advertising model may subvert the current Internet advertising formats. "What we have to do is to make shopping anywhere." The company CEOMicke said, we are working with Rovio, to be angry birds in every movie >

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