Baidu launched an account optimization tool phoenix nest turned intelligent marketing tool

search engine marketing (SEM) for many small and medium enterprises are not unfamiliar, however, how to quickly master the SEM skills to achieve the maximization of input-output ratio, and other issues still plagued many small and medium enterprises. There is no realization of a more intelligent, more simple way? Yes, the 2010 World Congress on Baidu, Baidu vice president Wang Zhan revealed a message: Baidu promotion is gradually opening up a marketing automation tool — account optimization tools. Account optimization is such a simple operation, the effect is more intelligent, designed to help customers analyze the account structure, keywords, creative use of optimization tools.

recently, Baidu account optimization tool full flow on-line. This is the second year of Baidu phoenix nest launch tracking another masterpiece after the transformation function, tracking conversion tools can provide more comprehensive data support, to help customers achieve more nest fine management, and account optimization tools today it makes use of Phoenix Nest to intelligent a big step forward.

gives optimization recommendations directly to


, making the strategy selection, search marketing is actually a "make promotion plan — the analysis cycle process — continuous promotion data optimization scheme", this is the process of each person must go through SEM. In order to better serve the corporate customers, Baidu has developed a simple and easy to help customers to complete the action of the intelligent account optimization tools.

search marketing intelligence, Baidu is in the synthesis and calculation of numerous data, according to the actual situation of the enterprise customer account data analysis results, and gives the corresponding optimization recommendations. Prior to this, the price adjustment, keywords, budget etc. these optimization work is the enterprise customer according to the data provided by Baidu own analysis and optimization, a lot of small and medium enterprises in the face of complex data often miss the point. "Baidu with large data mining capabilities, ability to deal with massive data, and analysis of search behavior, promote the Baidu platform to promote the continuous optimization and innovation, provide more professional intelligent tools for small and medium-sized enterprises." Baidu relevant responsible person said that the introduction of a new account optimization tools to help customers solve the original problem of optimization.

for SEM people, the most attention is to promote the frequency and location of information. Continuous optimization in order to respond to changes in the market, get a better position and show more potential business opportunities, so many business practices continue to raise prices for key words, but also inevitably bring about the rising cost of customer acquisition. In fact, the search marketing not only need to consider the price factor, but also need to constantly optimize the program to improve the quality of keywords, which is closely related to the choice of keywords, creative writing, account structure and other factors. The current account optimization tools can be a good solution to these thorny problems, one of its functions is to help customers improve the success rate of the best position to show. According to the relevant data tests show that the feature is touted by the customer after the launch, the use of the first volume of all optimization tools, accounting for about half of the total usage

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