12306 clouds exposed vulnerabilities weak verification code can be difficult to machine recognition

12306 clouds exposed vulnerabilities: weak code can be recognized by the

machine can not withstand the "brush ticket"

[TechWeb] reported on December 23rd news, recently, the domestic security issues feedback platform cloud platform exposure 12306 major vulnerabilities, weak code can easily be recognized by the machine. 12306 responded that the machine is not recognized, the user is also not recognized, in order to select a relatively simple user experience verification code.

version 12306 in December 6th on the line, the introduction of automatic ticket grab function. Previously, Jinshan, Sogou, Qihoo 360 and other Internet companies have introduced software to grab votes to grab votes or browser plug-ins, but have been launched shortly after the Ministry of Railways (now China railway company predecessor) ban.

insiders pointed out that the 12306 picture verification code has been cracked, means that many Internet Co launched the "ticket" will get rid of the constraints of railway official, smooth "brush ticket".

12306 in response to the cloud platform, said: by your platform to express the development and boast of automatic identification of multiple browser and 12306 verification code of contempt, your lower limit again let us admire." (Ming Yu)

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