A large number of mobile phone mobile phone website Trojan threat data security

mobile phone virus by the operating platform, JAVA security standards and other restrictions have not yet become a climate, all kinds of mobile phone stations, mobile phones have become a hacker to spread the computer Trojan horse springboard". Data show that the intelligent mobile phone mobile phone market accounted for 20%, mobile phone software needs and discussed more and more fire become hackers coveted horse target. 360 security center malicious web page

monitoring system: August 20th domestic thousands of mobile phone theme website page is linked to millions of mobile phone fancier, computer and mobile phone created double threat.

360 security engineer explained that the main problem lies in the safety of mobile phone spam messages and telephone harassment, ordinary users encounter mobile phone virus is very rare, but many users accustomed to using computer to download mobile phone themes, ringtones, games, screensavers and other mobile phone software, and data transmission to the intelligent mobile phone, security is not strong the mobile phone Forum gathered a very high popularity, once the hacking horse, will be a direct threat to the visitor’s computer security, even the mobile phone itself may also become infected with U disk mobile medium Trojan, cause data corruption, two spread Trojan and other serious consequences.

360 security center found that in August 20th the site was linked to horse hackers, 3G wireless, mobile phone, mobile phone China paradise dream video network is an influential mobile phone website, while the domestic famous brand mobile phone Amoi’s official web site was hacked, the station has nearly 50 web pages are embedded malicious code.


Amoi mobile phone gas station "by" horse ", without the protection of visitors computer will be implanted Trojan

360 security engineers to remind the user to your computer and mobile phone Internet safety, please open the 360 security guards "firewall", can effectively intercept all kinds of "horse" attack; when use the data cable to connect the mobile phone and computer, should open the "U disk firewall", to avoid infection and loss of U disk mobile phone Trojan data.

report: August 20th hackers "hang a horse" part of the mobile phone website information:

[Note: in order to prevent user clicks, the following malicious web pages have been specially processed. 360 security guards users open a web firewall, without these "hang a horse" "

] effect

1, Xia Xin mobile station

Address: hxxp://s.amobile.com.cn/jyz/page.asp id=100002521menu_type=3


2, mobile China

s address: hxxp://product.cnmo.com/cell_phone/index145397.shtml

3, energy-saving

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